The ongoing crackdown on illegal immigrants aimed at enforcing security has gone some way towards ridding the country of unwanted characters and must be intensified to the logical conclusion. However, that is just part of a solution to a far bigger problem.

As we reported yesterday, the greatest threat to our security is corruption that has made it too easy for foreigners to penetrate our borders, quickly acquire citizenship complete with birth certificates, national identity cards and passports, and then engage in all sorts of nefarious activities.

A close-knit cartel comprising brokers, officials in the departments of immigration and registrar of persons, the police and the administration, has perfected a corrupt system of transporting, registering and legitimising illegal immigrants, hence exposing the country to grave security risks.

It is common knowledge that the terror attacks and other forms of insecurity did not begin spontaneously. They are a summation of a series of premeditated lapses induced by government officials with a get-rich-quick mentality.

Thus the fight against insecurity must begin by tackling its root cause – weeding out those crooks in government who sell identification documents – while aggressively pursuing and punishing the brokers who negotiate the deals.

It does not make sense to conduct swoops and weed out illegal immigrants when the supply chain is left intact. Even those flushed out will come back because the networks remain active and vibrant.

The leadership must carry out a thorough shakeup of the departments of Immigration and Registration of Persons, shuffle border police and the administration and investigate and prosecute those involved in activities that compromise our national security.

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