In Summary
  • The farm has come up with mushroom boxes that have mycelium in them.
  • A consumer can buy the box and place it under appropriate weather conditions depending on the species of mushroom in it.
  • There are approximately 6000 organic farmers in Switzerland.
  • After maturity, which takes at most 14 days, mushrooms are harvested with scare to ensure that they survive longer out of the farm.

The white one-storied building could have passed for any other house. Yet on entering the compound, a beehive of activity confronts you as a man in his 30s rapidly doles out instructions.

The employees, numbering more than 20, are arranging bags of spawn in the various rooms, harvesting, sterilising the growing areas,

packaging and loading the final produce onto trucks for distribution.

Selling a tonne of mushrooms to retailers every day, Fine Funghi, as the enterprise is called, is one of the largest mushroom farms, in Tannerbergstrasse, Gossau on the outskirts of Zurich city, Sw