“I have nothing against Mr Munya. My passion for the Meru gubernatorial seat is inspired by the need to make Meru great. I will help Mr Munya secure a job after I beat him in August. I would not let my in-law suffer,” Mr Murungi said.

He said the Gema community should back Mr Ruto’s presidential bid, adding that Mr Munya’s bid would be an injustice to the DP.

“Mr Kenyatta won because of the support he got from Mr Ruto. The DP has offered to support Mr Kenyatta’s re-election this year. It is only fair for the Gema community to back Mr Ruto in 2022. Politics is about numbers and the Meru voters cannot make you president. Let my brother Munya know that he has lost direction,” the senator said.


He said if elected Meru governor, he will address “the water shortage facing Mr Munya’s home area”.

“Most of the complaints I have received here revolve around water provision, insecurity, title deeds and livestock development. When we campaigned with my brother Munya in 2013, we had pledged to allocate Sh1 billion to water every year. But Meru residents are still begging for relief food. This is the mess I want to undo as governor,” Mr Murungi said.

On insecurity, Mr Murungi said if elected governor, he will work with the Isiolo County government to address banditry at the border of the two counties.

“The relative peace we have experienced at the Meru-Isiolo border came about when I sat with Isiolo Governor Godana Doyo. Peace cannot be brought by use of guns,” he said.

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