In Summary
  • Golf is a game that is played by people of integrity.
  • It is expected that when they err, they will call a penalty on themselves.
  • This is irrespective of whether anyone else has seen or not.

One Thursday afternoon in 2008, I made my way to Karen Country Club, Nairobi, to meet the Golf Captain to discuss an upcoming sponsorship that I was involved in.

We had agreed to meet at 6.30pm but after a hectic day at the office, I could not wait to get away from it. I arrived at the club one hour earlier than my appointed time but since I had a book that I was reading, I didn’t mind waiting.

I reported at the reception and the gentleman manning it dutifully went through a book to check if I was registered. When he saw my name written in the book, he masterfully led me into the club house.

He ushered me into the empty club-house and told me to take a seat anywhere and that he would inform the captain as soon as he finished his round of golf.

I immediately identified what I thought was the perfect corner. It was far from the entrance and I thought that it would be out the members’ way. A few minutes later, as I was enjoying my book, I saw someone walking towards me from the corner of my eye.

When I looked up, I saw a senior member of the society walking straight towards me with a curious look on his face. This is a man who had served the country in many capacities and sat on a few boards of blue chip companies.

I stood up to shake his hand and I immediately sensed that he was accustomed to sitting in that particular corner. By the time we sat down, his drink had been served. He courteously offered me a drink and we started talking.

The moment he learnt that I was a golfer he warmed up even more. By the time the captain arrived, you would have thought that I had known the gentleman for a very long time. By virtue of being a golfer, I was accepted by a senior member of society and made to feel at home.

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