In Summary
  • Move is aimed at addressing discontent among employees in the devolved units
  • Team to identify factors affecting productivity

The salaries team is set to conduct a fresh job evaluation for State officers in county governments to address discontent among employees in the devolved units.

Salaries and Remuneration Commission chairperson Sarah Serem said the work, to start in October, would help analyse factors affecting productivity at the county level, which were not captured during the job evaluation carried out in March.

“The commission agreed to commence the exercise not later than July 2013 to find out what it was not privy to in the first evaluation. But the procurement process delayed us,” said Mrs Serem.

She said the evaluation would cover all employees in county governments who include governors and their deputies, county executive members, county secretary, the speaker, members of the county assembly and Public Service Boards.

In a statement to the media, Mrs Serem said the results of the job evaluation would be ready for execution by November 30.

“The field work and analysis of the information gathered would take five weeks. Thereafter, stakeholders will be consulted on the findings before they are released,” said Mrs Serem, who was accompanied by her fellow commissioners.

She, however, maintained that the evaluation was not meant to endorse the calls for higher salaries from some of the State officers in the counties.

The salaries team boss said the public wage bill must be sustainable as they respond to challenges facing members of the county assemblies.

She said in the meantime the commission had approved sitting allowances for members of the county assembly as it pursues the other concerns raised.

“The sitting allowance for each member is Sh96,000 per month. This is besides a transport allowance of Sh20,000 per month and airtime allowance of Sh 5,000 a month,” she said. (READ: Serem team to review county officials’ pay)