In Summary
  • Every society has some key buttons or switches that turn love on and off. One of them is hunger, food security.
  • The speed at which the Kenyan agriculture sector is falling prey to cartels formed by unscrupulous tycoons who do not feel the pinch of people’s hunger, is appalling.
  • All the big issues that Kenyans on Twitter (#KOT), the press and our politicians are talking about (Huduma Namba, fake gold, NYS, etc.) are just a drop in the ocean of troubles the President will have to deal with if corruption is not kept off our agriculture sector.
  • What is going on is unbelievable, it is dangerous and it will cause great suffering to the people and the leaders.

Repression is the filler in a vacuum created by a government that is not genuine. Good governance and repression are inversely proportional. They do not walk hand in hand. The better the governance the less the repression and the other way around.

Bad leaders have always refused to see this evident reality. When repression systems increase, and the state becomes a suppressive police state, any sensible leader must stop for a moment, reflect and ask himself or herself, ''why am I losing the people?''

Every dictator (here I include presidents who overstayed in power or those who did not frankly win open and transparent elections) is pushed to create repressive systems. Such dictators, in most cases, do not plan genuine peaceful transition and stick to power until it is too late, believing power to be eternal.


Think of Al Bashir, our closest geographical and most recent example. Picture the case of Nicolae Ceaușescu, Anastacio Somoza, Robert Mugabe, Nicolás Maduro and many others, who have refused to see the on-coming tsunami and subjected their population to blatant lies and genocidal submission rather than leaving power.

Sadly, in our world, love for power often undermines long-term sustainability. In our modern democracies, leaders have learnt to care more about re-elections than the country’s future generations. The vote is here and now; I win or lose an election today, and this is expensive... We will cross tomorrow’s bridge when it comes... though it may never come.

What keeps a leader’s sanity in place is popular love and support, not invented and manipulated support, but genuine love. To be loved, to be wanted and to some point needed.

Every society has some key buttons or switches that turn love on and off. One of them is hunger, food security. Ceaușescu, Bashir, Somoza, Mugabe and Maduro played with this switch… and this turned love off and their haters on. They refused to see it.

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