In Summary
  • Tribalism, racism and religious sectarianism are forms of such small-mindedness that, in the 21st century, humanity should long ago have put behind itself.

  • Are human beings as smart as their elite continues to proclaim a viva voce? 

  • To be quite sure. But if so, wouldn’t they long ago have jettisoned from their minds the Smart Alecky which so murderously urges human beings against one another all over our round world?

Ever since my high school days, decades ago, I have readily acknowledged the important fact that many Caucasian individuals neither participated in nor approved the general Euro-Caucasian inhumanity to black human beings in, for example, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda during the colonial times, crimes sometimes committed merely by failing to condemn them.


Yet, though important, that fact does not prevent me from naming slavery and the trade in black human beings among the inhumanities that a class of the Caucasian race has perpetrated against my people, the black race (my Nilotic people probably being the blackest human beings our planet has ever produced).

The Caucasians were responsible for the terrible crimes that a European class eventually perpetrated against Africans during colonialism. However, I readily acknowledge that history wends its own way.

Many Caucasian individuals have acknowledged the negative roles their race has played in this sorry history of human relations. That is why I have always consciously tried to avoid telling it as if it were a mental disease merely of one race. No, racism is like tribalism. It is a human — rather than a racial — disease.

However, as an observer of history, I know periods when every race and every tribe — even my own Luo — has committed terrible injustices to other human beings, often members of their own race and even their own tribe, sometimes even of their own clan.

In fact, many Caucasian individuals have publicly acknowledged the inhumanities that the leading classes of that race have perpetrated against black and brown humanity — namely, against human beings of African, Asian and American roots. Indeed, a class of the very Caucasians is what has subjected human beings to such degrading racist treatments as have recently led to the important teaching that, despite its numerous forms of manifestation, humanity is just one species.

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