In Summary
  • The nation’s future rests on the next generation’s livelihood, skills and sense of personal security.
  • A successful handover to the future generation will ensure continued success for this country.

This year’s theme for International Youth Day — "Safe Spaces for Youth" — is a call on us all to protect and enable opportunities for young people to develop.

In Kenya this is important to national growth and cohesion.

The nation’s future rests on the next generation’s livelihood, skills and sense of personal security.

The Aga Khan Foundation, GIZ on behalf of Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Kenya Red Cross Society and RUSI have come together to implement a European Union-funded programme to improve inclusive economic and other opportunities for more than 20,000 young people across 11 counties in Kenya.

Together we are working in partnership with the national and county governments.


As a result of the programme, youth are developing vocational skills to support economic livelihoods, participating in dialogue to tackle critical issues and develop solutions, and improving their decision-making and life skills.

We believe it is impossible to find the right answers — for Kenya's future and for the present — if we don't work with and for young Kenyans.

Speaking about the global importance of youth in all of the European Union’s engagement with Africa, the Foreign Affairs High Representative, Federica Mogherini made it clear:

"It is not just one issue among others. This is not just one priority among others. It is the centre, the lens through which we see all the different initiatives we are taking.

"So, when we work on investments, on job creation, on migration, on e-governance, on climate change action, this is the work we do with and for our youth."


Today, our online campaign, #NafasiKwaVijana (OpportunitiesforYouth), is being matched by a youth gathering in Mombasa in partnership with the County Government.

It will provide a platform for youth to speak and opportunities for dialogue with young people.

They will receive information and become involved with a range of skills, support and opportunities, as well as sport and entertainment.

This event will reflect a theme that is being marked around the world.

Safe spaces are about opportunity, security and inclusion of youth. These are themes in which everyone has a role to play.

Our four organisations want to help all generations understand more about the young people in their community and how to support them.


That Kenya’s youth matter is obvious. By whatever measure you choose, the youth make up the largest proportion of the Kenyan population.

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