So from IEBC and Nasa, these two documents are to an election vote tallying centre and process the manual equivalents of CVR and FDR in a flight.

Forms 34A and 34B are physical pen-to-paper recordings of a polling station.


Form 34A shows the number of registered voters and how they voted.

This includes the votes cast and accepted as valid; the rejected votes; disputed votes as well as the objected votes. Form 34A is signed by the candidates themselves or their agents before it is handed over to the Constituency Returning Officer or CRO, an official of IEBC.

The CRO, using the information on 34A, fills in and signs 34B, which features the station’s name and code, the number of registered voters, votes gained by each candidate and valid votes cast.

The CRO is then required by law to hand over Form 34B to the chairman of IEBC who is the Returning Officer for the presidential election.

That is how Form 34B is crucial to declaration of the winner of the presidential election. But it is understandable why Mr Odinga or any other interested party would demand that both34A and 34B be made available.

Where CVR and FDR record all cockpit and instrument sounds respectively, 34A and 34B attest to figures counted, witnessed, agreed and signed.

Now, if we all agree that 34A and 34B are the determinants of how Kenyans voted, then we should also agree that all parties to the presidential poll should be furnished with these duly completed forms at the earliest opportunity.


If we agree these forms are this important, then we must also agree to make everything about them transparent.

Because Nasa believes strongly hackers accessed IEBC’s servers and transmitted false results, then 34A and 34B should be used to invalidate hacked results and validate the people’s will.

Indeed, the sole reason Nasa installed a parallel vote tabulation process was to ensure tallying at polling centres would not be manipulated by riggers.

Now, because these forms are a safeguard against rigging or could be invaluable evidence to prove or disapprove rigging, I think they are tangible and better grounds upon which Nasa should base its charges of vote cheating than hang them solely on a confidential IEBC source that let them in on the invisible computer-based fraud.

Opanga is a commentator with a bias for politics [email protected]

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