In Summary
  • 'Former’ Opposition leader Raila Odinga and President Kenyatta are now partners under the Building Bridges Initiative.
  • As the DP and former prime minister Odinga face off, the inevitable divorce between Mr Ruto and Mr Kenyatta beckons much sooner than predicted.

Barely a fortnight into the year 2020 and the political decibels are enough to take care of our energy deficit.

What we’ve seen and heard over the past few days is enough persuasion that President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto would do Kenyans a great favour if they resigned to make way for a more cohesive team.

Our ears have been terribly assaulted by the separate tribulations of Dr Miguna Miguna — the deported self-appointed ‘general’ of the non-revolution — in some cold European airport, and fellow loudmouth and purveyor of crude insults, Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria, in a cold cell at Kilimani Police Station.

Those were only the sideshows in a bigger farce that lays out the sheer stupidity and utter incompetence of a dysfunctional government.

The tale of the DP being ejected from his Mombasa official residence just after he’d made the bed and arranged his clothes in the wardrobe fits in here.

The bigger issue is the open split in the presidency against the backdrop of early battles for the 2022 elections.


The main protagonists are Mr Ruto and ‘former’ Opposition leader Raila Odinga, now partners with President Kenyatta under the Building Bridges Initiative.

This partnership is what has Mr Ruto lashing out in a manner suggesting that he has replaced Mr Odinga.

The Miguna and Kuria sagas provide good illustrations. The government shot itself in the foot by blocking his return despite President Kenyatta’s public hint that the irascible gadfly was free to come home.

A series of contradictory statements, shifting positions and outright lies badly exposed the government’s dishonesty in the matter, and also a woeful lack of strategy.

Dr Miguna may be a most disagreeable character, but the ham-fisted expulsion associated with Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i and Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho serves only to lionise him and confirm the dictatorial streak in the State security.

Interestingly, all of a sudden, the shrillest voices in support of Dr Miguna and in condemnation of the government repression come not from a neutered opposition but Mr Ruto’s mouthpieces.


It’s now standard operating procedure that anyone of note arrested for any crime — theft, murder, assault, name it — will immediately attract support from the Ruto faction.

Narratives will be spun that the arrests target the DP’s supporters to derail his 2022 presidential bid.

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