In Summary
  • There has been an increase in the number of students enrolled in secondary schools and tertiary colleges.
  • We hope that we shall involve the young people more in determining who among them are awarded the bursaries.

When I was elected the first governor of Kiambu four years ago, I identified access to education as one of the solutions to the numerous challenges facing the people in this county, in particular, and the country, in general.

Soon after assuming office, we rolled out a massive programme of bursary awards to the needy and deserving students from across the county.

In 2015, however, the bursary scheme was suddenly halted by a directive issued by the Controller of Budget, Ms Agnes Odhiambo, requiring us to amend our Bursary Act to conform to the Public Finance Management Act.

By the time the directive was issued, the scheme had benefited more than 40,000 deserving students, who had been awarded bursaries amounting to some Sh210 million.

Since the suspension, we have established that a staggering 15,000 potential beneficiaries have been affected, some forced to drop out of school because of huge fees arrears.

Among those who had benefited, and those who sadly missed out, are orphans, children living with disability and those from homes with serious financial and social challenges.

Having fully complied with the directive of the Controller of Budget, we shall soon resume the implementation of the bursary scheme to ensure that our youth are given a chance to access secondary and tertiary-level education.

As we await the gazettement of the Kiambu County Government Bursary Amendment Act, we are right on track to ensure that the county delivers on the promises that we made to the people prior to the 2013 elections, as part of the wider Jubilee Party vision, to ensure that youth gain access to education as a way of fulfilling their dreams.

This is an important step towards achieving our country’s development goals of ensuring social equity, economic development, and political stability.

The role of education in ensuring these achievements cannot be overemphasised, which is why we, in the Jubilee government, continue to invest resources in the education of the country’s young people.

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