The free laptops project for Standard One pupils, the free primary and secondary education, the abolishment of examination fees for students in the public and private schools, and the strict implementation of school fees guidelines are all strategies that are meant to ensure that education is accessible to all who need it.

As we look back at the four years that we have been in government, we are proud to note that there has been an increase in the number of students enrolled in secondary schools and tertiary colleges because of initiatives such as the bursary schemes.

We are also optimistic that the numbers will grow further in the county once we resume awarding the suspended bursary scheme.

All these shall have a ripple effect of impacting positively on the overall development because needy parents can direct the little income that they have towards development priorities to generate more income and improve the quality of their lives, while their children will enhance their chances in life by becoming more employable and less vulnerable to the socially unacceptable ways of life, including crime.

The county government is also keen on developing early childhood education facilities. I recently officially opened the Kabunge Early Childhood Development Centre in Kirenga Ward of Lari Sub-County.

We are looking into the possibility of acquiring an extra piece of land for the development of a playing field for the school.

Education is a major pillar in the county government’s manifesto. The county government is renovating and building new ECDs and polytechnics.

And as we venture deeper into this election year, we hope that we shall involve the young people more in determining who among them are awarded the bursaries.

In this way, we shall be building on a tradition of accountability and transparency, which is in line with the democratic ideals that we cherish in Kiambu County and the Jubilee Party.

The bursaries shall continue to be awarded through ward committees where there is representation from youth, non-governmental organisations, religious bodies and prominent community members, who vet the applications and recommend to the county executive the most deserving students.

Mr Kabogo is the governor of Kiambu [email protected]

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