The motherly tendency to shield their sons from real life, on the other hand, is in my opinion, catastrophic.

Boys learn from experimenting, doing stupid things and getting hurt – hopefully not too badly. That’s how they develop confidence. If they don’t get a chance to go out and get knocked about, they will not know what they are capable of taking.

I always watch in awe whenever I see a mum take her son to school, open the car door for him, confirm that his braces are properly aligned, go down on her knees and do up his laces and then carry his bag to class. Class Eight, mind you, not kindergarten.


A boy like that will grow up with straight, white teeth, but he will hardly have the fire in the belly to fight his way through life.

A girl will have to propose to him, marry him, show him how to invest her money and fight his wars for him.

He will grow up to be the kind of young man who goes to his mother’s house often, maybe when he is not feeling well and needs a flood of sympathy, or maybe he has missed her cooking, or just missed her – even though he has a wife.

So my advice to the spoilt city parents is: Allow your offspring to go to Chebisaas and Mutira. It is good for them and it is good for you. I, of course, reserve the right not to take my own advice.


As we go into the holiday season, we need to keep in mind that many of the drivers on our roads have no sense, whatever.

They do things that endanger their own miserable lives and the lives of other law- abiding Kenyans. When you add to the mix the horrible motorcycle riders, you get a complete madhouse.

My own take is that 60 per cent of drivers should never have been licensed. And it does not matter how many, or how big, roads we build, we will still have carnage and jams.


On Thika Road, you will see these mad people overlap into the service lane, which they choke, then they overlap through petrol stations, which they also choke. In the end, nobody goes anywhere.

I have seen those long-nose matatus use the exits to enter the service lane. I have seen conductors stand in the middle of moving traffic to force other drivers make way for their matatus.

These folks must be tamed this season.

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