The latest I heard of them they had camped on Gambian sites. They are pesky and baaad. And feared. Their targets usually throw up their hands in exasperation.

KoT made my day when they engaged — brutally — the New York Times would-be correspondent to Nairobi, a girl called Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura. It so happened a story she wrote on the Dusit terrorist attack carried photos of dead victims. It is a professional abomination to do that. I know as a journalist that she had no control of the photos that went with her story. That is for somebody else in the newsroom to decide. Never mind, KoT were not ready to be mollified by that.

The New York Times’ photo editor had to tweet a reply saying the newspaper was relooking its photo policy.

The last I heard of Ms de Freytas-Tamura was that she had been posted to London. I don’t know if the re-routing had something to do with the hostility from Nairobi’s online community. Maybe she is safer in Britain, where she is busy writing about Brexit.


Many people have said that our youth have an abundance of talents which our government has failed to tap. They dissipate this energy through their devotion to the English Premier League, a devotion which their parents apparently share.

There is a joke that when the Manchester United football club was playing Barcelona last week, the Sudanese political protesters stopped to watch the match. Myself and my cat, Scorpio, were content to lie on the couch and snooze.

Football, I guess, is a better pastime than the way our youth are getting sexually besotted. We have been there, young people. We have fallen in love. Even getting obsessed. Like going to church not to pray but just so you meet the beloved. But killing in the name of love is a no-no go zone.


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