In Summary
  • The government must stop trying to sugar-coat a narrative riddled with oodles of incompetence and malfeasance and just deliver on its numerous promises to wananchi.

  • These fibs can be verbalised but will not be believed because of the basic fact that however sophisticated the machinery set up to articulate a lie, it will remain a lie.

  • This narrative is not contrived by press statements and layers of busy-body bureaucrats. It writes itself!

A task force will soon be making its proposals presumably on how to improve government communication. The review is useful for what it is worth but I feel compelled to question why ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru had to set up the team in the first instance.

The reason is self-evident: whatever is referred to as government communication is a web of confusion, contradictions and often, misinformation. The government communication network is a dysfunctional multi-layered bureaucracy in part hobbled by under-resourcing, but repeatedly caught in twists of embarrassing mischief; the result of an administrative system too inter-woven with politics.


After defining a four-point agenda on which he is staking his legacy as Kenya’s fourth President, Mr Kenyatta hardly has time nowadays to articulate progress in this humongous ambition. The Presidency's attention is split right down the middle with Mr Kenyatta ostensibly focusing on fighting corruption while his Deputy William Ruto is laser-focused on being the fifth president.

The state of play has compelled the President to create another structure led by his most effective Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i to supervise the implementation of government projects generally, and specifically the four agenda legacy items. But even as Dr Matiang’i rolls up his sleeves, education is in a mess, health is ailing, hunger is killing Kenyans, the environment is on its knees, the national debt threatens to balloon out of control, unemployment continues to drive youth crazy. Betting and graft have taken over as the opt-in favourites to success!

This is the mess being communicated mainly by mainstream media because it is generally what is reflected in the mirror of government performance.


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