The government must start by removing hurdles that inhibit registration, then those that force projects to remain in their prototype stage forever, make laws that govern innovation flexible and ensure concerned agencies do their work.

The three government institutions in the information and communication technology sector responsible for prodding tech growth that were birthed by the science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Act of 2013 must wake up from slumber.

The Kenya National Innovation Agency (Kenia), Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation (Nacosti) and National Research Fund (NRF) under the Ministry of Education must support innovators.


Kenia has been managing the National Innovation System with Nacosti, the regulator, but what quality in research in science, technology and innovation will you oversee when innovators are locked out?

The NRF is responsible for funding innovation, research and Kenia activities but innovators still grapple with lack of finances despite their multi-million-shilling ideas.

Kenia and NRF are stuck in government bureaucracy and now, three years after appointment of their management boards, the agencies are still not functional.

There is no longer doubt that digitisation is disrupting every sector, and every government must learn fast how to contain the disruption.

The agencies must work as they should and the government eliminate red tape and rigid laws.

Mr Ngila is the online editor, 'Taifa Leo'. [email protected] @faustination

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