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  • Technology eases tasks that when done manually consume a lot of time, inconveniencing everyone, says Japheth Amugada.

SONKO ARREST: Ugandan national Bungu Richard, who says he has read the Nation since 1983 and also really likes The EastAfrican, has been keenly following the developments across the border from Kampala. He takes particular exception to the recent arrest by police of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko. “For sure, high-profile personalities do not deserve such dramatic arrests over even corruption allegations as this ends up being just a waste of government resources. The governor could not just have run away. Where to? Such a personality is just a phone call away and the State need not use so much force.” His contact is

TEA WEIGHING PAIN: Technology eases tasks that when done manually consume a lot of time, inconveniencing everyone, says Japheth Amugada, but not for farmers, usually small-scale growers with hardly a quarter an acre of land under the crop, who supply green leaf to Mudete Tea Factory in Vihiga County. “The problem is the long wait at the banda (shed) for their tea to be weighed by the computerised weighing machine attached to the tea collection truck. It begins in Kakamega, and farmers who arrive at the banda in Vihiga at 2pm have to wait up to 9pm or 10pm for their tea to be weighed. “Can’t the factory get a few more machines?” His contact is

INDELIBLE ERROR: An error Antony Kibore made in 2014 has come back to haunt him. While applying for a university study loan from the Higher Education Loans Board (Helb), he erroneously signed into the Value Added Tax (VAT) payment system. On realising this, he alerted the Machakos KRA branch, which investigated it and sent a waiver request to the headquarters in Nairobi since the amount involved was more than Sh100,000. Nearly five years later, he has been “told to keep on filing ‘nil’ VAT returns until I get an email advising that the requirement has been removed.” His PIN is A005419297M and his contact

BRIDGE SPLIT: As the robust debate on the Building Bridges Initiative report continues, Vincent Owino says he is not surprised that two antagonistic political groups have emerged. “Those who want the BBI report to be implemented by Parliament want us to retain the winner-takes-all system, while those who want it subjected to a referendum favour power sharing.” The way out of this apparent impasse, Vincent proposes, is for pollsters to urgently conduct independent ample-sample-size opinion polls on the two positions across the 47 counties. His contact is

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