In Summary
  • On the receiving end of David Ngumi’s stinging criticism is Kisumu Governor Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o, a medical doctor.

MEDIC IRONY: On the receiving end of David Ngumi’s stinging criticism is Kisumu Governor Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o, a medical doctor. “If he can have matatu operators congregate around him so that he can advise them on the need for social-distancing in fighting the coronavirus epidemic, we, indeed, have a problem.” David is alluding to a meeting convened by the county boss with matatu operators, in which he was the only one wearing a mask. “Why not simply issue posters while going around with a loudspeaker instead of endangering lives?” His contact is

POLITICKING: As the campaign against the epidemic takes centre stage with the government enforcing strict measures, Ruth Gituma feels this is the opportune time for politicians to “please, tone down”, no doubt recalling the recent Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) friction. “Just where were we headed with the BBI ‘manenos’? The country was polarised down the middle and, perhaps, we need to step back and reassess it. The hard-line stand taken by some of our leaders are not good for a struggling economy. Rwanda and Ethiopia will usurp the region’s economic leadership, if they have not done so already.” Her contact is

STOPPING THE VIRUS: There are simple instructions that, if strictly followed by everyone, F. Mukembu says, would stop the coronavirus in its tracks. Instead of allowing the deadly virus to spread, people should wash their hands or use sanitisers and avoid congested places or, better still, practise self-quarantine. “Schools have been closed and the children are at home. Parents should make sure that they are sensitised to contain the spread of the virus. Students will want to go to social halls to watch films. This should be avoided like the plague to ensure their safety. Let’s follow these guidelines to the letter.” His contact is

TOILET PROBLEM: Mombasa resident Amos Okema pities the 20 Burugenge slum dwellers in Tudor ward whose toilets were flattened when the perimeter wall of a nearby primary school collapsed during heavy rains late last year. Feeling the pain of the inconvenience being suffered by these poor souls, Amos wishes that the county commissioner could come to their rescue. His appeals to the local administration, and even the MCA, to get the toilets re-erected have totally failed. Just in case the county chief needs the details, Amos can be reached through 0722836747, or, and will only be too pleased to have a chat with him.

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