They appear engaged in a 100-metre race, individuals trying desperately to run away from one another in all directions.

We clearly repel one another as age-groups, as genders, as races, as religions and especially as ethnic groups.

How is it that, a whole 50 years into an independent  political union – achieved through a collective struggle appallingly expensive in terms of the human blood spilt – we remain loudly and destructively hostile and unjust  to one another on the basis of such mental smallnesses as genders, individuals, races, religions and, especially, ethnic groups?

How is it that we repel one another in exactly the same uncivilised and mutually hostile and unjust ways as have always stood in the way of other adjacent tribes and nations in history.


How has Kenya failed completely to learn even one lesson from the hell-for-leather speed at which the Somali, right next door, have tried to run away from one another in desperate but completely ill-advised methods of survival.

No, the question is not “how?” For the way Kenyans mistreat one another, both in politics and in business, is wholly self-manifest to every citizen and every visitor who may give his or her eyes to see it.

No, by far the more urgent question is:  Why? Why do we allow such smallness of the ethnic mind to stand so solidly in our way towards united humanism? 

After such a long time of and such huge expenditures on national “education, why do we remain unable  to tackle our development problems with one mind so as to enter the comity of nations as soon as possible?

Why do we want to continue forever in the ethnic mean-mindedness sponsored by our own leaders?

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