In Summary
  • This woman has impeccable academic credentials; a Bachelor of Science degree, an MBA and with a PhD in the pipeline.
  • Women can become successful in their own right and earn big positions in government.

I was saddened by how Kenyans received the best news I have heard this year.

One of the women nominated to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Cabinet is a journalist, a woman whose hard work and determination not only propelled her to the highest echelons of media leadership, but straight to the Cabinet.

Minutes after she was appointed, Kenyans, especially men, dug into her past and reminded us of an incident we would all rather forget.

If Kenyan men pursued their careers and businesses with the same zeal they used to dig up her past, Kenya would be a great country.

Here is a woman who held an impressive portfolio as a media manager in one of Kenya’s most successful media organisations.

This is not a TV bimbo we are talking about; this is a woman who had a sterling career spanning decades, commanding respect from all quarters; a woman who was courageous and walked tall, her chin up, in the face of adversity.

This woman has impeccable academic credentials; a Bachelor of Science degree, an MBA and with a PhD in the pipeline.

She has proven herself over the years as an experienced and seasoned manager.


But all that myopic Kenyan men did was to reduce her achievements to one particular incident using shallow excuses like “the Internet never forgets”.

Kenyan men can stand many things; including the numerous injustices perpetrated in this society, but nothing terrifies them more than the sight of a woman who is sure of herself, of what she wants in life and one who is forging seriously towards her goals.

Kenyan men hate ambitious and successful women.

They cannot stand a female chief executive officer, or a female boss for that matter. They cannot stand a female president.

They cannot even stand wives who are more successful than themselves.

My question is; if a successful woman intimidates you, why should God give you a successful daughter?

In Kenya, when a woman is more successful than her male peers, the men become so jealous that they will try to rationalise her success.

They will try to “explain away” why she is doing better than they are.

How dare she become more successful than I, yet we shared a class in campus? They wonder.

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