In Summary
  • Besides deploying traffic police officers, there is a need to explore the use of technology such as drones, for instance, to unblock gridlocks.

The development of infrastructure such as roads and railways is always a fairly good indicator of a country's level of development and socio-economic progress.

It eases the transportation of goods and people, thus fuelling national growth.

This is why a high premium is attached to the building of roads to speed up the transportation of goods, including farm produce, to the markets.

The Thika Superhighway and the numerous bypasses built in major towns have greatly helped to tame the endemic traffic jams that the country has grappled with over the years.

It is a pity, therefore, that the full benefit of this modern infrastructure is not being realised because of shortcomings that can be easily solved.


There was a lot of excitement when a tidy sum in public funds was used to build the Thika Superhighway, because it was expected to speed up traffic flow.

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