Education ministry and exam council officials must think of a more sustainable system of examining candidates.

It is not right that the entire government, starting from the President and, Deputy President, Cabinet and principal secretaries, must get involved in exam monitoring.

This is not sustainable. It does not happen anywhere else in the world. Exam administration is a professional assignment best left to experts.

As currently configured, exams are a deceptive parameter for gauging learners’ abilities. It is a misnomer that candidates have to sit exams at the end of the school cycle — primary or secondary — and using that single test, determine a learner’s capability.


It is this contraction of learning into a single and time-bound test that spawns the cheating.

Conversely, it is critical that we revise and totally change the format of testing learners, de-emphasising grades and instead, prioritising competences and demonstration of ability to apply learnt knowledge.

In the interim, all efforts and energies go into preventing exam theft and those caught must be severely punished.

But we need a long-lasting and more sustainable system of testing learners beyond the summative assessments.

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