In Summary
  • The school is expected to be the anvil for the finishing touches to equip law students with vital skills for legal practice.

The Senate investigation into the reported perennial mass failure at the Kenya School of Law (KSL) is a welcome response to a problem that has gone on for far too long.

It is unbelievable that this has persisted for eight years at this vital institution for training legal professionals.

Is it that the Bar examination has become too difficult or is there a mismatch between what is taught at universities and at the KSL?

Interestingly, the Law Society of Kenya is also investigating the matter, an indication that there is, indeed, a serious problem here.

The Justice and Legal Affairs Committee has launched an investigation following a petition by two individuals, who claim that the number of failures in the KSL exams has been increasing, frustrating law graduates hoping to practise as advocates.


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