In Summary
  • Africa must turn the corner and rid itself of tyrannical and avaricious leaders who plunder its wealth.

The death of Zimbabwe’s strongman Robert Mugabe marks the end of an era for one of Africa’s revered freedom fighters.

His demise two years after exit from power was fast and sudden, and contrasted sharply with the aggression and boisterousness of his heyday.

Bob, as he was fondly called by his admirers across the continent, was a mixed bag of paradox.

He was liberator and tyrant all rolled into one. He espoused Marxist-Socialist ideology that promotes communal well-being and modesty, but he led a life of extravagance and opulence that made him a capitalist par excellence.

Mugabe had the uncanny ability to arouse public emotions through unmatched eloquence and courage.

But at the same time he was an unrepentant, vindictive and vengeful person who frowned upon any form of dissent.

That is how he eliminated his erstwhile friends and liberation compatriots such as Joshua Nkomo and Canaan Banana.


Mugabe’s role in the creation of modern-day Zimbabwe is well etched in history.

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