In Summary
  • If the National Police Service is withdrawing politicians’ security guards, let it do it for all of them.

The unfolding controversy over withdrawal of security personnel attached to politicians is not unsurprising.

Nobody takes kindly when privileges are cut. And this is not the first time.

At the peak of brutal fights between the Jubilee government and the National Super Alliance (Nasa) soon after the 2017 elections, security guards attached to several Opposition members were taken away. That was ill-advised.

In both cases, we disagree with the manner in which the decision was made and executed. It’s being done selectively and in a manner that reeks of mischief and vendetta. It’s impulsive, punitive and malicious.

However, in principle, we are opposed to the practice of according politicians police protection.


It’s not desirable and cannot be justified. Unfortunately, what had started as a privilege has been turned into a right.

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