These lies are often spread through social media. This past weekend has seen several people, including veteran radio personality Leonard Mambo Mbotela “killed”.

Some senior personalities were also reported to have died.


While the freedom of worship is guaranteed in the Constitution, it’s not a licence to make baseless fantastic claims that create needless anxiety.

It is really sad that members of a religious grouping have been led to believe that their leader “resurrected” someone and have several times held processions in the streets of Nairobi proclaiming this weird claim as true.

It is important that such claims be promptly investigated and those behind the dissemination of such lies exposed and punished.

As for social media, the users must know that whatever they publish is not privileged.

That they will continue to enjoy their freedom to use this new mode of communication, only if they remain law-abiding and do not abuse or infringe on the rights of others. 

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