In Summary
  • In several places, members of county assemblies were given housing and car loans, but have failed to pay after losing their seats.

  • Others were given working tools such as iPads, but refused to surrender them.

It is quite distressing that counties keep featuring in the news more because of indignities rather than service delivery.

There are dreadful reports of corrupt deals, wastage and misappropriation of public resources. Yet the counties provide the basis for future national development.

However, it is not all gloom, as some counties have posted inspiring stories, illustrating the value of devolution. We have heard of counties getting tarmac roads for the first time.

We have also recorded cases where delicate surgeries have been conducted in the outposts, thanks to the devolution of healthcare.

The fact that resources are being dispersed from the centre to the counties is a great development. It gives citizens a chance to determine their needs and benefit directly from public resources.

However, new details have emerged showing worrying levels of wastage, raising serious questions about the priorities of some counties.

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