In Summary
  • The national and county governments should review the security of all the Cuban doctors wherever they are deployed
  • Mandera, other northern counties and parts of the Coast have suffered seriously due to insecurity and especially terror attacks.

The abduction of two Cuban doctors in Mandera focuses attention on security in the country.

On the surface, it raises questions about the safety of the Cuban doctors working in Kenya as well as other foreigners.

But importantly, it is a statement of the general state of insecurity. It is too early to pinpoint the perpetrators, even though police suspect Al-Shabaab terrorists. Whoever they are and whatever tag they wear, they are criminals who must be dealt with.


Abduction of foreign nationals has serious implications as it dents the image of the country and severs relationships.

Which is the impact the abductors and their collaborators sought to achieve.

Kenya had pledged to provide security and ensure wellbeing of the Cuban doctors, who had been brought in to ease the burden of staff shortage in medical institutions across the country.

For good measure, the 110 doctors are generally well taken care of, a fact that has elicited resentment from local doctors, who have argued that the preferential treatment amounts to discrimination.

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