The local doctors have also wondered why Kenyan doctors sent to Cuba have not been accorded similar privileges. But those are subsidiary issues. The key issue is the safety of professionals working everywhere in the country irrespective of their nationality.


Mandera, other northern counties and parts of the Coast have suffered seriously due to insecurity and especially terror attacks.

Due to proximity to Somalia, a country that has not had an organised government for more than two decades, criminals roam across the border and vanish after committing their nefarious acts.

Such context provides good cover for common criminals or other dubious characters with ulterior motives to cause mayhem and get away.

It is not lost that the doctors had complained about their safety given the fact they were staying some distance away from the Mandera Level Five Hospital, where they worked. Also and not surprisingly, the abductors disappeared into Somalia where they are assured of sanctuary because of the lawlessness there.


The national and county governments should review the security of all the Cuban doctors wherever they are deployed and ensure their housing, working schedules and travel arrangements guarantee their safety. The same applies to other professionals.

Second, even as the government intensifies efforts to rescue the doctors, there is need to heighten surveillance and ensure security of all citizens. For the case at hand is a microcosm of the perennial challenge facing ordinary citizens, who are tormented and assaulted all the time.

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