In Summary
  • I am not holding my breath that this IEBC will deliver credible, free and fair elections with the way it is operating.
  • It is the responsibility of the IEBC to recruit competent persons of integrity at all levels.

A recent poll undertaken by Infotrak, commissioned by an NGO calling itself International Development Network (IDN), suggested that Kenyans would readily accept the poll results from the IEBC this coming August.

It also claimed that IEBC has the overwhelming confidence of Kenyans to conduct free and fair elections.

We should be cautious about this poll.

First, IDN is shrouded in mystery. Its website is scanty, suggesting a hurried job to put it up, and it hides more than it reveals.


It is impossible to know who is behind the NGO, and no documentation about the board, funding or staff.

Its “resource center” is downloads of the NGO Act and its accompanying rules!

Attempts to talk to the people supposedly representing IDN did not make things any clearer, as none would tell where their offices were, their website, their work or funding.

Nor would they agree to a meeting, insisting that communication be done only via email, which turned out to be a gmail address, rather than an institutional one.

Something smells really fishy here, verging on being “fake news” meant to influence us with false information.

We clearly have not seen the end of that and we should all try to verify whatever is presented in the media.

And we have been here before. In the lead-up to the 2013 elections, the IEBC was polling as one of the top two institutions that Kenyans had confidence in, together with the Supreme Court, at the time led by Chief Justice Willy Mutunga.

But with all the shenanigans around procurement, gadget malfunctions, “server crashes” and a return to the discredited manual system for voter identification, tallying and transmission of results, the IEBC quickly lost its credibility.

The “chicken-gate” scandals involving the then chairman of the IEBC and the CEO further damaged the IEBC, even if the politicised Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission eventually “cleared” the chairman.

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