Nasa is no exception and should not seek to be exempted through utterances that imply that we are prepared to destroy Kenya for whatever excuse!

Any well-meaning politician, religious leader or ordinary mwananchi must work together with others to ensure that the electoral process is concluded successfully. After all, anything that anyone does to stop the elections will mean our beloved country will be significantly hurt in the process.

As we move closer to elections, there are sure to be many decisions by the courts and IEBC that one wishes had been made differently. With their experience, Nasa leaders understand this more than anybody else. This is why we must all bind ourselves to accepting arbitration and resolution through the constitutionally laid bodies and procedures.

Anything else is a sure recipe for anarchy, and a contradiction of the very noble ideals that these politicians so eloquently profess: love for our country, respect for the rule of law, adherence to democratic processes and so on.

Those who think their support bases are best galvanised by endless grandstanding and relentless antics that threaten to sink Kenya into anarchy are enjoined to put the interest of Kenya first.

This is clearly not the time or the place to make irresponsible threats, no matter how much this aligns to some people’s political ideology.

Eric Kiraithe is the national government spokesman.

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