In Summary
  • Tangaza was licensed in May by the Communications Authority of Kenya to operate as MVNO on Airtel’s network alongside Equity’s Finserve and Zioncell.
  • It has begun its roll-out by recruiting money transfer agents countrywide. It has also been licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) to provide cashless fare services to consumers.

Tangaza Pesa plans to roll out its mobile phone services using thin SIM card despite hitches facing Equity Bank over the technology.

The company, which was granted a mobile virtual network operator licence, told the Nation that a consumer survey revealed most of those in its target market do not want to buy new phones.

“This leaves us with no option but to use thin SIM card, which sits on a parent SIM,” Tangaza Pesa chief executive Oscar Ikinu said.

Asked about the ongoing legal and technological debate, he said noted; “The law does not deny us access to services; this will not be a challenge despite the highly debated thin SIM issue.”


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