Implementation of the task force report commissioned by President Uhuru Kenyatta has started on the wrong footing after the court suspended application of the coffee rules meant to cure the ailing sector.

The Coffee Regulations 2016, which are key in achieving the proposed recommendations have been stopped after the Council of Governors and a farmers’ lobby group moved to the corridors of justice seeking an injunction to stop their effecting.

The governors received the orders stopping implementation of the regulations a fortnight ago, while the National Farmers Federation (NFA), which argues that some of the rules are punitive to growers, got the orders on Thursday.

The government says the move will delay the much needed reforms as nothing can be done at the moment given the injunction. 

Governors argue that the government, through the Ministry of Agriculture passed the regulations without conducting public participation or tabling the same in Parliament for approval as required under the Statutory Instrument Act.

“Leave be, and is hereby granted to applicants... prohibiting them (1st and 2nd respondent) from implementing the coffee General Regulation 2016,” reads the court orders.

The county bosses say agriculture is a fully devolved function under the Constitution and that they have to be consulted on any matter relating to the sector.

Delay the reforms

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