Former Kenya Airways chief executive Titus Naikuni and the airline have been ordered to pay a former communications manager Sh10 million after he was stripped and later sacked for wearing a T-shirt displaying a rival airline.

Justice Joram Abuodha ordered Mr Naikuni to personally compensate Kepha Bosire for treating him in an undignified manner in front of his colleagues and guests during an event in October 2013.

The judge ordered Mr Naikuni to pay Bosire Sh1 million compensation for undignified treatment after the former CEO forcibly removed his blazer and asked him to remove an Arsenal football club T-shirt branded ‘Fly Emirates’, a rival of KQ.

The incident happened during a dinner dance Kenya Airways organised for athletes at Maasai Mara attended by executives and business people.

Mr Bosire was later sacked, and the airline has been asked to pay him Sh9 million as compensation equivalent to a year’s salary and three-month pay in lieu of notice.

Court documents indicate Mr Bosire earned Sh600,000 monthly.

Mr Naikuni defended himself, saying as communications manager Mr Bosire was supposed to lead by displaying and promoting KQ.

He further denied the claim of stripping Mr Bosire, stating he calmly approached him and asked him to change his attire or leave the premises because it was an event organised by Kenya Airways.

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