In Summary
  • Tunis, in Tunisia, North Africa, was ranked the top city to live in

Nairobi has been ranked amongst the top five enviable and exciting cities in the continent to live in.

The Kenyan capital is ranked as the third liveable city to live in amongst the listed 11 African countries as it is “a kind and gentle city where many multinational companies have set foot into for their African operations”.

This is according to Lamudi, a global property giant, with a presence in 11 African countries as well as in Mexico, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.

“Kenya is a country with an average rent of only Sh602 ($7) per square meter and, unlike other African cities, the housing options with a reasonable size of land are affordable in Nairobi. Also, apartments with swimming pool and fitness centres can be found frequently,” the real estate firm said.

Tunis, in Tunisia, North Africa, was ranked the top city to live in. Lamuda describes it as “not very expensive” compared to other African capitals listed in the survey.

Furthermore, Tunis is ranked by the Happy Planet Index (HPI) as the second happiest place in Africa to live in because of the Mediterranean Sea background and its position as a meeting point for all kinds of cultures.

“Living in Tunis is not very expensive and one is able to move around the city using the rail network,” says Lamudi.

Ghanaian capital, Accra, ranked overall. The appeal of this African city is its tropical climate as well as the fast-growing businesses by way of new bars, restaurants, nightclubs and shopping malls.

Rwanda’s Kigali ranked fourth due to improving roads infrastructure that has made commuting easy. “Kigali is exactly the right city for wildlife enthusiasts. The city is built in hilly country in the centre of Rwanda and makes large parts of its income from safari tourism,” says Lamudi.

Dar es Salaam was ranked as the fifth most liveable city.