In Summary
  • In May, county governors expressed disappointment over delays in the release of funds from the Treasury which had pushed them to seek loans from commercial banks to meet their obligations such as paying workers’ salaries.

Counties are yet to receive Sh73.4 billion of what the Exchequer owes them a week before the close of the current financial year.

Treasury secretary Henry Rotich said in a Friday Kenya Gazette that the Exchequer had released Sh245.5 billion to counties by end of May, leaving a balance of Sh73.4 billion.

The 47 devolved units had been given Sh280 billion as equitable allocation for operations in the year ending June 2017. The Treasury allocated an additional Sh4 billion for Level 5 hospitals.

“Total cash released to county governments was Sh245.5 billion as at May 31, 2017. Exchequer balance was Sh73.4 billion,” he said.

By April 28, the county governments had received Sh210 billion from the Exchequer leaving a balance of Sh96 billion.

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