Interestingly, while the price of wheat has increased, that of bread remains at about Sh50 for a 400 gramme (gm) loaf while the 600 gm loaf goes for Sh70.

Wheat flour prices range between Sh121 and Sh140 for a two-kilo pack.

The AFA reported that maize prices continued to fall with last October registering a Sh3,206 a 90 kilo bag, down from Sh3,360 earned by farmers in September.

At the same time high production of sorghum saw prices plummet to Sh4,872 (October) from Sh5,186 (September) while millet farmers earned Sh2,597 in October down from September’s 2,641.

Sorghum is a highly sought-after cereal by beer-making companies, which has helped create a new avenue for farmers to earn handsome returns.

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