Mastitis is a costly management disease that causes loss of production; acute mastitis may cause death. Mastitis could be clinical (cow showing visible disease signs) or subclinical (not visible), as is in this case.

For a start, ensure that your cow’s environment is cleaned and disinfected regularly as are all your milking equipments.

Please call a qualified Vet to screen all your milking cows using a CMT test.


Looking to open animal feeds store
I am a pig farmer in Kamulu off Kangundo Road.  I am looking to start an animal feeds store selling feed raw materials and stock of credible millers products in our local shopping centre Kamulu.  I also hope to provide farmers with animal nutrition and health information. I am looking for professional help to develop a business plan to guide this venture.  Would you please point me in the right direction? 
Muksie Farming

It’s great that you recognise the importance of having a business plan to guide your business idea. There are many marketing / business professionals who can help you write a business plan, but at a fee.

Please contact me through contacts below should you want me to link you up with one such.


Determining profits for broilers
I like the speed at which broilers mature. I would like to know what the profit will be on about 200 broilers. What should I do to maximise profits?
David Bor

Profit will be determined by the difference between the selling price of the broiler meat and the cost of production. The selling price of your broiler birds will depend on market forces in Kericho.

Establish what these prices are and work out your profits.

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