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  • He said he will also join the team on the ground fighting the Al-Shabaab.
  • The insurgents also destroyed a telecommunication mast, looted Pandaguo hospital and made away with food from locals.

The government on Monday announced increased air strikes against Al-Shabaab terrorists believed to be hiding in Boni Forest.

Coast Regional Co-ordinator Nelson Marwa also claimed last week’s Al-Shabaab raids in Lamu were politically motivated.

“Why have the attacks suddenly increased? This is politics. Leaders looking for votes should stop lying about the curfew,” said Mr Marwa.

He added that even as the operation to flush terrorists from the forest continued, the government had begun moving residents to safer areas.


“As we speak, air strikes are on. Boni belongs to Kenya and Al-Shabaab must know we will secure it,” the administrator said at Kenya School of Government, Mombasa, after a meeting with top security officials.

He added that residents harbouring terrorists would be arrested.

Mr Marwa said people in areas affected by the curfew would be allowed to conduct and attend prayers. 

Concerns have been raised over increased Al-Shabaab attacks targeting security personnel and non-natives in Lamu County despite the “Linda Boni” Security Operation.


Villagers said several terrorists suspected to have been injured during last Wednesday’s attack could be receiving treatment in the vast forest. The attackers decapitated 13 people. 

On Sunday, the residents reported seeing bloodied bandages and gloves on paths used by the escaping terrorists after they attacked a police post.

On Monday, Operation Linda Boni director James ole Seriani said a number of militants had been killed by security forces since September 2015.

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