A man has died of anthrax in Kapsoit Ward in Kericho after coming into contact with the carcass of a cow that succumbed to the disease.

Mr Josphat Too, 24, from Kapchelal village, is said to have contracted the zoonotic disease— one that attacks both humans and animals— while helping a neighbour to skin the carcass.

The deceased had complained of headache and severe stomach pains before being rushed to Kericho County Hospital where he succumbed.

The father of two was buried on Wednesday in a colourless event, where mourners were not allowed to view his body.

Dr David Rotich, the Kericho County veterinary officer, said several other people who handled the carcass or ate the contaminated meat were treated at home. 

 “A total of four cows have died in this area, but after testing, only one succumbed to anthrax. The rest suffered from East Coast Fever,” said Dr Rotich during the burial.

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