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  • Mr Mutia Maleli urged the State to compensate them after their crops were destroyed by the camel herders.

Armed camel herders continue to pose a security threat as families flee their homes in Kitui East despite government’s promises to restore peace in the area.

Twelve families from Kinanie village in Kitui East have fled their homes after gun wielding camel herders forcefully evicted the locals from their farmlands.


Chairman of Kinanie Community Policing Unit Kitonga Mwaniki on Tuesday confirmed that several families, who had fled their homes, now live in makeshift structures.  

“This area is served by Endau Police Post which is over 20 kilometres away, in case of an attack, it may take hours before the police arrive,” said Mr Mwaniki.

He claimed that Endau Police Post relies on Mutitu Police Station’s vehicle during emergencies since it has none.

“There is poor telephone network connectivity in Kinanie. In case of an attack, we rely on boda bodas to take the message to Endau Police Post for action,” noted Mwaniki.

He appealed to the government to construct a police post in the area.


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