In Summary
  • Rivers and boreholes have dried up and some boreholes have turned salty following a dry spell.
  • Residents say they no longer receive relief food, despite being promised food after being kept off Boni Forest their main source of food and water.

Pandanguo villagers in Lamu West have been hit by an acute food and water shortage, following a long dry spell that has caused rivers, boreholes and lakes to dry up.

The residents, mostly from the Boni minority community bordering the Boni Forest, said they were trekking more than 20 kilometres in search of water after the only borehole in the area turned salty.


The residents said they had become vulnerable to wildlife attacks as wild animals were also searching for water and pasture.

The residents have expressed fears that they might soon suffer from waterborne diseases since they are now forced to use saline water for drinking.

Led by Pandanguo village elder Adan Golja, the residents urged the national and county governments to supply them with fresh water and provide relief food to save them from starvation.


The Pandanguo Boni Community spokesman Ali Sharuti said they sometimes go for days without food or fresh water.

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