In Summary
  • The burglars stole five computers, two laptops, and other equipment.
  • They opened one office with a key and broke the locks on the other two to gain access.

Daring criminals on Wednesday night broke into three government offices located at the Nyandarua County Commissioner’s compound and stole five computers, two laptops, and other equipment.

The county commissioner was on Thursday morning at pains to explain how the burglary took place in a building adjacent to his office and next to Governor Francis Kimemia’s office.


This is a second burglary targeting government offices at the headquarters where criminals have been stealing computers.

During the Wednesday night theft at the Ministry of Planning offices and Documentation Centre, the burglars used a key to open one of the offices then used crude weapons to break in two others.

They raided offices of the National Land Commission (NLC), Social Services, and Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme (ASDSP).

At ASDPS, the criminals broke the padlocks to the main door to access the secretary’s office, then broke two other doors leading to the offices of senior management where they stole two computers and laptops, a projector and other office equipment.

Two other computers were stolen from the NLC offices and one at the social development offices.

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