Some of the businesses such as supermarkets, banks, hotels and food stores remained closed as the streets were deserted.

Kisumu Business Owners Association chairman Israel Agina said most businesses in the area had recorded losses due to poor sales.

"As we speak, a majority of businesses are closed down. We are counting heavy losses and a majority of customers have opted to remain indoors after voting," he said.

Mr Agina said the situation is attributable to the elections because customers had purchased goods in bulk, and are being frugal.

Mr Ben Kitoto of the chamber of commerce and industry said traders have reported low sales since residents are only buying essential goods.

"We are feeling the pinch and businesses are unable to meet targets unlike the same time last year. The elections is having a spiral effect on businesses," Mr Kitoto said.

He added: "Business is [at] an all point low. It’s been quite a bad day. Our business has been on an all-time low."

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