They strongly criticised Mr Sossion for going public on the issue without consulting the teachers to give their views.

"Mr Sossion made a serious mistake of saying that the TSC must go without seeking the views of teachers. He should pack up and go home," added Mr Kanaiyu.

On August 10, Mr Sossion said the TSC should be abolished and replaced by an independent agency that will oversee implementation of regulations and policy matters.

Mr Sossion, who is also a nominated MP, insisted that he and other lawmakers will sponsor an amendment to the Act that created TSC to scrap the commission.


"We must deal with this rogue commission. It has failed to champion the rights and welfare of teachers for which it was created. It is only preoccupied with dividing the teachers and perfecting discrimination," said Mr Sossion.

The central Knut officials also took issue Mr Sossion for being against the government’s efforts to implement the new competency-based curriculum (CBC).

They said they cannot continue supporting a secretary-general who is fighting government education policies.

"Some of our colleagues were even sacked after Mr Sossion misled them to disrupt the CBC orientation programmes. He should leave office as soon as possible," said Mr Kanaiyu.

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