In Summary
  • It was also celebrations galore across the country with major towns such as Mombasa, Kisumu, Nyeri and Eldoret getting more visitors.
  • Country Bus Station and Nyamakima in Nairobi were packed with human traffic. Passengers at the latter scrambled for the few available vehicles.

Thousands of people across the country on Friday celebrated the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ by attending church services, travelling or staying indoors with their families.

At the Holy Family Basilica and other churches around the CBD in Nairobi, Catholic faithful thronged the church and later the streets as they participated in the ‘Way of the Cross’, a re-enactment of the last journey of Jesus Christ.

The Basilica’s procession was led by John Cardinal Njue. Heavy police presence ensured security as well as smooth traffic flow during the procession.

A few people however, overwhelmed by the long trek under the hot sun, fainted along the way. Luckily, medical emergency units were present to attend to them.

Mr Paul Kuria sat on the pavement outside the church quietly listening to the proceedings of the re-enactment.


He was out of breath after the long walk, but was waiting for the final sermon in church. The journey for the Christians started minutes before 10am and culminated in a mass at the church at 3pm.

Four street children joined the procession, with a small girl carrying a baby. The sight of the actor dressed like Jesus, whose white robes were soaked in ‘blood’, intrigued them.

They stayed on until ‘Jesus’ was hidden away inside the ‘tomb’ within the church’s compound.

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