The government is coming up with a model that will name and shame counties with the worst business environment for investors.

Trade Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya said the model, that will rank counties in terms of their friendliness to investors, is being developed by Kenya Investment Authority (KenInvest).

“KenInvest is working on the model that will be neutral from politics. We can do so much at the national level but if counties do not do the same, then we will not achieve the desired goals,” Mr Munya said.

He gave an example of the delays in giving building approval permits in Nairobi County that continue to be a pain for many investors.

“KenInvest now has a one-stop shop for all government services and all officers from Nema (National Environment Authority) and other government agencies have a desk there. However, we still have some investors who are still doing these errands on their own, hopping from one office to the other and then come to us to complain,” Mr Munya said.

He said the government would continue to support industries and to create the right environment for both home-grown companies and foreign investors to thrive.

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