Mr Kanjama said the environment for hearing the proceedings were not conducive.


"Your honour, through your directive, can you adjourn this process for 30 minutes for our clients to restrain their supporters before we proceed due to unruly behaviour outside the court," Mr Kanjama said.

Mr Ojienda did not object but concurred with Mr Kanjama before the judge ordered for a break.

In his order, Justice Karanja warned both parties to restrain their supporters before the court resumed.

He said the supporters were interfering with court proceedings due to noise.

"I'm likely to move this court elsewhere if you cannot control your supporters. We all strain to hear what is said inside here because of unnecessary noise," he said.

The judge also told lawyers for both parties to tell their clients to talk to their supporters to avoid thronging the court.

"Next time we may be forced to allow limited access to court since the room is small and can't accommodate this number," he said.

Governor Awiti, his deputy Hamilton Orata and Mr Magwanga and his running mate, Joshua Orero, were present in court.

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