Kitutu Chache South MP Richard Onyonka has been acquitted by a Kisumu court of charges of misusing money from the Constituency Development Fund and tax evasion.                       

The legislator had been accused of using Sh137 million from the CDF kitty to purchase sugar from Chemelil Sugar Company, in a case that has dragged on for more than eight years.      

In his ruling, Senior Principal Magistrate Thomas Obutu said neither the MP nor the region’s CDF office purchased sugar from the miller.                         

Mr Obutu said the case of tax evasion cannot stand because the accused never purchased any sugar in the first place.

It is alleged that the sugar was to be distributed to IDPs in his constituency in 2009.


Through the purchase, Mr Onyonka is also said to have withheld Sh18 million in Value Added Tax.

But the MP denied the accusations, saying he never bought sugar for his constituents.

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