Other Bills that are still at the Senate include the County Printers Bill, County Attorney Bill, which would allow counties to appoint advocates and solicitor generals, Public Participation Bill and County Wards Equitable Bill.

But Dr Zani defended senators saying legal hurdles have slowed down the process of passing the Bills. She, however, said that most have passed the second reading.

“The Bills are on course and this year we will expedite the process of their enactment. For instance, the pensions Bill is in its second reading,” said Dr Zani.

MCAs have also been pushing for enactment of a law to provide for a ward fund. But Senator Zani indicated that it will be difficult to give funds to wards directly.


“What we proposed at the Senate is having projects directly to the wards and not specific funds to avoid issues of money within wards. But the progress is good,” said Dr Zani.

The Senate normally looks at Bills passed by county assemblies to ensure they conform to the Constitution and the laws passed at the national level.

The MCAs had demanded pension, office space and staff and car grants.

But Kisumu East Shakeel Shabbir, who also spoke at the summit, told the MCAs not to dwell too much on their personal welfare at the expense of service delivery to the people.

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